End of the World Billy Love

According to the Mayan Calendar December 21, 2012 is the last day of civilization. If this is the case, I can only thank God for the best friend and wife any man could possibly ask for. Jill Rochlitz Block has brought more love, joy and laughter into my life than I could ever have imagined. Jill is the CEO of the Block house. Jill manages family finances and calendars for 3 teenagers, cooks and cleans, all while staying fit, gorgeous and funny. If it all ends Friday she has made it all worthwhile.

Then there are our kids. Could a dad be any prouder? I don’t think so. Our youngest, Grady Block, is a better drummer at 13 than I was at 31. He plays like an old soul. Deep grooves, big ears and highly intuitive, Grady is also an All-Star hockey player who has enjoyed enormous success winning championships and scoring numerous last second game-winning goals. Grady is a beast. Rocky Block at 15 is a movie star, rock star, TV star, and now musical theater phenomenon landing the lead role of Roger in the Hillsboro High production of RENT. He has made TV commercials, and co-stars with John Schneider and Grayson Russell of Talladega Nights in the upcoming feature film Season of Miracles. Rocky just recorded his first 3 song EP, where he played all the instruments except drums and co-wrote 2 of the 3 tunes. Rocky is a beast. Micheal Hughes joined our family three years ago after he and Rocky played together on the middle school championship football team at J.T. Moore Middle School. Micheal became a fixture in our home and then became a member of our family. We became his legal guardians in October of this year. I call him our “Blind Side Boy.” Now Mike is the starting quarterback at Hillsboro High, taking Hillsboro to the second round of the play-offs as a sophomore, and he’s getting excellent grades with a 3.0 GPA. Micheal is a beast! If it all ends Friday, we raised some great kids and shared a lot of love.

If it all ends Friday we are all going to need an event with good friends, good music and good times. That event will be taking place at The Station Inn this Friday, 12.21.12 at The Cumberland Collective End of the World Extravaganza. It’s 5$ and a wrapped toy or 10 bucks will get you in to Nashville’s biggest last night extravaganza. If it all ends Friday I’m going out with good friends, good music and good times.

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