Featured Artist

Fancy Hagood

What’s in a name?

Fancy Hagood, by any other name would sound just as sweet.

Born in Bentonville, Arkansas, Fancy was raised as a fourth generation Nazarene by deeply religious parents. As a child, he always knew he was different, but perhaps not in the way you would expect. “From a young age when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was always ‘superstar’. There’s never been a time in my life when that wasn’t the answer.”

Fancy’s musical abilities were nurtured by his family, who supported his singing in Church and taking piano lessons, although the piano teacher wasn’t quite as enthusiastic about his abilities. “After three weeks, [my teacher] told my mom that I was unteachable.” But not because he couldn’t play—he was simply ignoring the lessons and playing back everything he heard by ear.

Fancy moved to Nashville in 2010 to begin pursuing a career in entertainment. Thanks to the support of close friends and confidants that he met in Nashville, he embraced a new identity and even donned a new stage name—adopting his nick name, Fancy, in order to express the new freedom he felt to be outgoing and even outrageous on stage.

“It’s an unforgettable name. People meet me and they don’t forget me. If I’m dressed or ‘Fancy’ at all, people want to know who I am. It’s like they think I’ve already done something really important. ‘Are you an artist?’ people always ask me. Everyone wants to make that connection.”

A versatile musician who isn’t afraid to alternate between deep, emotional ballads and light, fun songs with a thumping beat, Fancy labels himself a Pop artist first and foremost, and appreciates the flexibility that genre allows. “It makes me want to move,” he says of the Pop genre. “You can talk about whatever, whenever. Pop music is just so freeing.” Listing artists as diverse as Beyonce, Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, Adelle, and Mumford & Sons as favorites and influences, Fancy brings his skillful blend of soulful singing and energetic Pop to appreciative audiences in venues large and small throughout the Southeast.

Recently, Fancy has been taken under the wing of legendary local producers Billy and Jill Block. The management team paired Fancy with the talented folks at Nashville’s Zodlounge Music to record three of Fancy’s latest compositions, which will be available on iTunes and on www.fancyhagood.com in early 2013. The songs include “Role Model”, a musical manifesto about resisting the expectations others place on you, the wounded and accusatory “When It’s Easy”, a song about fairweather love that leaves when things get difficult, and the heartbreakingly wistful ballad about the end of a beautiful relationship, “Gone In A Minute”.

Fancy has also received a lot of attention from network television for his catchy, insightful tunes, and will be featured on the Nashville episode of UK television series, Twin Towns, scheduled to air in early 2013.

For now, Fancy will continue working hard in the recording studio, writing and recording both emotional ballads and butt-shaking Pop romps. He will continue his mission to help others discover the expressiveness of the Pop genre and the freeing power of music.

“Everything about me represents a quality,” he says. “Everything Fancy stands for— it’s like the homage to who you really are – to be who you are, no matter who that you is, and don’t let anyone tell you it’s wrong.”

And who Fancy is, is a talented, charismatic, and compassionate 21 year old whose future is looking as bright as his personality.