The Best Internet Radio Stations for 2020

Best Internet Radio Stations

People are always looking at the internet to help get the right information which is the reason; Radio shows are trying to adopt the internet to spread the messages. There are many people who are looking to get the right recommendations which can get them connected to the internet radio shows. Here are some of the best radio shows for indie music in the year 2020.

Soma FM: Indie Pop Rocks!

Soma FM started broadcasting in 2000 has a very strong audience where you can gain the opportunity to 5 million business hours. Soma FM is located in San Francisco, which is also called the SoMa. Soma calls themselves the future of the perfect pleasure, which will allow one to get the right mainstream formats.

KEXP 90.3 FM

KEXP is a public radio station which has a speciality in playing the alternative and Indie Rock. There are also in partnership with the University of Washington, which will allow one to have the right music experience. KEXP is best known for their live in-studio programming which can enable one to have the right live performance for the artists who are starting.

KCRW 89.9 FM

If you are someone who likes to be updated with the News Culture and Music KCRW is one of the pioneers which is known for their Morning BeCOME Eclectic which was originally founded in 1945 to help train radio technology which was known for their emerging music which has become an holy grail for up and coming artists who wants to reach a decent amount of audience.

XRAY. Fm 107.1 FM

Portland has been an internet gem of Portland which has allowed one to get the right help when it comes to learning the progressive blend of talks and music also they have sounds which help reflect the right values of the city. There are also many contributions from the local as well as DJ based record labels, local musicians and music fam.


Dublab began to broadcast in the year 1999 which can still be seen after 20 years of its conception. Dublab offers an array of programming which includes things like local DJs and which include countries like Germany, Japan, Brazil and Spain.


Koop is a locally based community radio station which is owned and operated by Texas in Austin in partnership with the KUTX. They have a lot of Indie, pop and other programs which people seek out when they are looking for a good artist to get the right understanding of music.



WFMU FM is probably one of the oldest running listeners supported free form of independent radio. It has controlled on-air personalities and provides for their own content and adhere to their rotation schedule.

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